Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sustainable Freedom

We reach 2008, eventful year of many lessons. The scar we shall bear in our foreheads to remember always is that freedom, as we understood it, came to a drastic end. Not only in terms of global, corporate and personal finances, but also, and most urgently, in terms of environmental impact.

There is no virtue in exercising freedom in such a way that we run out of it. For what would we do in the future if we realized we have lost it because we enjoyed it improperly?

More than a proper use of freedom, it shall be sustainable. Not only shall we assure we maintain the same degree of freedom we have enjoyed so far, but we shall also ensure that seven generations after this one, our descendants will still have similar degrees of freedom to realize their dreams and enjoy life as plentifully as we have.

Let us not be remembered as the generation that exhausted freedom. Our ancestors fought for us to have this freedom we enjoy. Let us keep in mind how we want our descendants to remember us when we are gone. Is our legacy one of solutions or one of problems?

Will we leave a better world than the one we found when we were born? It is already a tough challenge, but not tough enough to let it fall.

2009 will be the year for transformation. We must mend the conflicts we have created, most of which have manifested their gravity in this 2008 that breathes its last breaths. Let it not be forgotten.

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