Friday, November 24, 2006

The Axis of Wisdom

Pakistan, India and Iraq. These three countries share a lesson or two to be learned. Pakistan and India resolved, a few decades ago, to form two sovereign States. They have been fighting ever since. Iraq was governed by a few decades by one single man's power: Saddam Hussein [KEEP HIM ALIVE IN THE NAME OF HUMANITY!!!]. Since he was ousted (illegitimately) from power, the carnage in Iraq, with the U.S. as "best supporting actor", is breaking up into several pieces. We could count six or seven clear factions (local and foreign) that wouldn't mind a "piece of the pie". And that is OK.

It is about time that India and Pakistan greet each other as siblings -civilized ones- and identify ways in which they can help each other achieve their dreams. It's not so difficult. Try forgiveness, apology, and reconciliation. Try a fair trade agreement (FTA).

Iraq should learn to separate. It shouldn't be as uncivilized as it is today (come on: 3709 violent deaths in October??? Give me a break.), especially not for a people that have been so prolific as civilization since our origin as hominids. Mesopotamia developed mathematics. We owe them much. Let's help them realize their dreams. They are not striving for oil. Perhaps they are the only ones who aren't. They wouldn't mind sharing it if that would buy each other out from the fighting. Mutual purchase by all inhabitants of the country. The division would be a matter of talking. That has never been a problem for humanity.

As of the rest of us, especially those that are ignorant about Islam, we must be culturally sensitive to Islam and to all other religions, nationalities, citizenships, or any other distinct characteristic of a person or group of people. We must start using the idea that "similarities unite; differences enrich" as a tool for peaceful transformation. It can be achieved.

It would be another gigantic lesson of Iraqis, and a very good example of Islam if this is achieved here in Iraq, the sooner the better.

We are all expecting, we are all waiting, and we are all hurting.

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