Saturday, October 28, 2006

Letter to the Professionals of the World

This letter is addressed to all experts in their own fields, aiming at uniting together to make a better world. I do not address every single field of expertise directly. It would be nonsense to even try it. I share some professions or experts as an illustration. I encourage each one of you to analyze what your contribution to a better world is or could be, and to motivate yourself to do a little effort every day in the direction of the kind of coexistence you wish to have for yourself or for those coming after us.

To all lawyers of the world, who understand that laws are rules that promote peaceful coexistence, therefore civilization; who, also, undersand the importance of having just laws, and ethical behavior in absence of laws;

To all psychologists of the world, very good at difusing powerful concepts like self-esteem, the origin of fear and ways to overcome it, and to help get in touch with reality;

To all architects of the world, to take the opportunity and the prvilege to design a sustainable habitat, good enough for future generations to enjoy the same ecosystem we have today;

To all economists of the world, to separate the concepts that are used to make economic predictions from those that are used to measure economic results, the pre- and the post- of the market phenomenon, where it is much easier, much more accurate and much more responsible the latter than the former;

To all medical doctors of the world, to comply with the ethical principle to help without discrimination, to promote health as a recoverable and sustainable good at reach for every single human being, and to make more efforts in prevention rather than on intervention;

To all engineers of the world, par excellence, visionary transformers of conflicts, able to visualize and create what is missing to satisfy a human need;

To all journalists of the world, to contribute with their ethical feedback to all governments with the intention to help them improve their performance;

To all educators of the world, to understand two ideas: first, that to govern is to educate, therefore educators are the ideal platform to promote better governments and better leaders and better citizens on the long-term future; and second, that most likely they will make it on the list of "highly influential people" in the lives of each one of their students or disciples or followers;

To all artists of the world, to project the positive and to propose changes to what can be improved in our cultures, but to do it freely, as art should be;

To all parents, to understand that education starts at home, which means that good governance also starts at home;

To all mothers of the world, and to all women in general, to comprehend that societies are founded and developed through the active role of women, a primary role in importance but secondary in recognition and praises, which has overcome all religions, all geographies, all climates, all ideologiees, all markets and all monies, and that women are the pillars of the future of civilization as in the past it was for the present we enjoy today; to comprehend and commit to their already assigned roles as lawyers, economists, psycologists, medical doctors and nurses, educators, leaders, architects, conflict transformation facilitators, parents, and to form good future citizens, to inculcate on today's children the values we want to have tomorrow.

So be it.

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