Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Johan Galtung's "Decline of the U.S. Empire"

I promised some comments about Johan Galtung's "14 reasons for the Decline of the U.S. Empire", after a lecture he gave at the Social Science Faculty Auditorium of Universitetet i Tromsø [University of Tromsoe] in Northern Norway, in September, 2004.

I had planned to exhumate my class notes to bring back to life such a masterful explanation of his prognosis about why the United States will collapse as a geopolitical empire.

Instead, I found this essay, which refers to much, much more than what I knew about it, I humbly acknowledge: I have learned a lot after reading the essay. Plus, it leaves my unpredictable ideological profile quite unpredictable still.

"Decline of U.S. Empire"

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Tauli said...

What an INCREDIBLE article!!!