Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wikileaks or Climate Change?

Anyone that can read this blogpost can change the world. Wikileaks or Climate Change seems to be the choice we have right now. Hypotheses guide attention in multiple directions. Facts, on the other hand, are not disputable. If Science does not yet have consensus about facts regarding environmental degradation, let's investigate further. If there is no doubt that human behavior is impoverishing nature as we obtain, consume and discard energy, then let's focus on the causes of the conflict. The problem is radically at the base of our species.

We are intelligent: capable of quickly accumulating learning over time. Unlike other species, our pace of evolution -thanks to our unsurmountable intelligence- is, for the first time, causing the extinction of others. This has never happened in the history of Planet Earth, that one species would rid another off the face of the planet, let alone at this pace of thousands of species per year. Scary.

If we are not aware of that, we should be. This information asymmetry is too costly to ignore. It should be a matter of knowledge of all leaders at all levels of every single human organization. They have been empowered to lead the way. Restoration is the urgent task. Myriad opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs, investors and activists alike. And our colleagues and friends and relatives that would care to listen to your leadership spreading the message.

If we all spend 10 minutes per day ensuring that, in our organizations -work, home, sports club, neighborhood, religious affiliation, etc.- residues are cleaned and classified before disposal and it is successfully implemented, then we will be able to communicate what needs to be done in order of urgency and importance. In terms of environmental restoration, it is an urgent call to all leaders.

We cannot afford to lose the Panda. Or the Tiger. Or the Polar Bear. Or the Eagle or the Human. We are also in danger. We are already dying massively due to our own contamination and we know it. Anyone can understand this as an observation wherever you are. This is a global call for global action. Let us rebuild trust together.

This is easier done through the Internet as a place to spread the message. Six loyal followers go a really long way. Let us follow six others and persuade six followers to spread our causes of goodness, however we believe we can contribute significantly to this issue. Plant trees. Invest in renewable energies. read about sustainability. Enforce bioliteracy, innovation, biomimicry. We are one and the same with nature. We cannot thrive without it.

Forecasts indicate the likelihood of having nine billion people living on the planet by 2050. They too will expect the ability to participate equally in the opportunities we distribute among ourselves when we are born. Poverty is not mandatory. It can be eradicated. Same with pandemics. All it takes is good intentions and hard work. Money is a very useful tool as well. So coordination with financial sectors is indispensable for the transformation to be achieved as soon as possible.

The greatest urgency is to revert the trend of ecological footprint. Many large industries are in collision course with each other for resources, so it too is in their interest. Once we tackle that priority, let us start re-imagining a world in which our impact on the planet is positive, if at all. Regenerative lifestyle, comfort improved. This is the only place in miles around in the Universe that has beach-front and ocean-view properties. That is priceless real estate, so we must all care for it. Let's make sure it remains as liveable as it can be. At least as we found it when we arrived.

Diplomacy has been for 300 years the best means to communicate across nations. It should remain being so because it is a common protocol that is fairly well understood by all players in the international ground, which is where decision-making at a planetary level takes place. The world needs the global coordination ability that diplomacy has managed to develop over the course of three centuries. It would be enormously costly for the peoples of the world if diplomacy lost its legitimacy and authority to represent national interests abroad.

As of wikileaks, it is a movement that will mark a before and after in our civilized governance. Never have we been as transparent as this information-age tsunami has brought upon us. That's an opportunity that cannot go to waste. We are able to decide in unison and openly what is the kind of planet we would all like to live in by 2050 and make sure that our leaders, whom we the people have recruited through popular and democratic vote, implement accordingly. This level of transparency will make it a necessity for governments to listen to the people.

It goes without saying that the best way to spread information virally is over the Internet. We area already part of the process and we will be needed.

Together with Climate Change, let's ensure Wikileaks brings us a new style of global governance that relies upon virtue that citizens may appreciate. Let's embrace radical transparency onwards.

Julian Assange has not been legally accused of anything regarding wikileaks as of yet. Since November 28, no government has found a crime to sue him for. He has been arrested for a lawsuit on a crime he is accused of in Sweden, unrelated to the purpose of his organization.

Let us not choose whether we want to believe the wikileaks or the climate change. Let us work together with the facts we know of both, and let's organize ourselves as quickly as we can to make this culture change as harmoniously as possible.

Pura vida,

Alvar Cidane

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