Thursday, November 15, 2007

Expo Shanghai 2010

The universal fair Shanghai 2010, under the theme "Better City, Better Life", is not an exhibition to propose how we want the world to be in the year 2000 or in the year 2010. The conflicts we civilization have created will require many years for its transformation.

Those of us who have already developed awareness about the dimension and gravity of climate change know that in the rest of our lives we shall not see a better natural environment than the one we found when we were born.

Those of us who have further progressed on the path of transformation of these conflicts would like to share with others -with the rest of the world, if possible- some discoveries that give real hope to our children that they will see a better natural environment than the one they will encounter at the wake of their lives.

Costa Rica is global leader in demilitarization, environmental consevation and biodiversity. We are also prominent in sustainable development and generation of energy from renewable sources. We believe we have found an effective formula to improve peaceful coexistence with our ecosystems and to achieve sustainable development for our nation, in our country and within our State.

This is what we want to share, and the Expo Shanghai 2010 is the ideal scenario with the ideal theme to do it.

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