Monday, February 24, 2014

I support GoProfileGreen

Barva Volcano National Park, Costa Rica
When an idea has huge potential to create a significantly positive impact at a global scale, my optimism replenishes. So invigorating! 

GoProfileGreen is a student startup initiative at Babson College entrepreneurship program in Boston, MA. It aims at mitigating the CO2 emissions created by our social media profiles -roughly about 300 grams of CO2 per year, according to Facebook- by charging a symbolic amount to regenerate natural capital, in other words, to invest in forests and other ecosystems. 

This would allow us to certify our profiles as carbon-neutral and at the same time give a big push to improving the natural environment. 

With 1.3 billion users only on Facebook, the success of this project could be the greatest contribution this generation has given to the following one so far. 
We could be seeing only the tip of the iceberg of a new ecosystem of carbon-neutral projects for natural capital regeneration that have an online base and an offline impact. How good is that.  

He is into the third of four rounds for the opportunity to receive feedback from renowned and expert VCs. This is like taking the fast track for a startup and I would like to see his project go through to the last round. 
If you could spare ten more seconds, please support this initiative here.

Thank you.